The Mold Advisors is focused on providing the highest quality mold testing, inspection and remediation services as well as water damage recovery services. We know you are visiting our company’s website because you have mold testing questions and we are here to provide those answers.

  • Can you see mold in your home or place of work?

  • Have you recently been diagnosed with a health condition caused by mold?

  • Do you notice a change in your health or a loved one’s health in certain rooms of your home?

  • Are you thinking of buying a home or making a real estate investment and want to make sure that’s a wise investment?

  • Have you recently had mold remediation performed and you want to know the job was done right?

  • Did your home recently experience a water damage event and now you are concerned about potential mold?



The mold testing services we perform are thorough and comprehensive. Our certified inspectors take the time to understand our customers concerns and tailor their services to meet each customer’s need. We stay current with our industry’s best practices and utilize the latest equipment and techniques to perform our mold testing, inspections and remediation activities.


We will be your trusted partner throughout the mold testing, inspection and remediation process. We pride ourselves on providing our customers the mold testing and inspection information they need to protect their physical and financial well-being.

Call (888) 502-3608 or contact us to set up an appointment with one of our certified professionals. We proudly service our customers in Rhode Island ( RI ), and the surrounding areas of Massachusetts ( MA )
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